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Corporate Finance Advisory
We offer a full suite of investment banking and strategic advisory services. We can assist and advise you in:
  • Choosing the most relevant funding option as per your needs and raising funds whether Debt or Equity.
  • Preparation and analysis of your organization's comprehensive business and financial model.
  • Preparation of investment memorandums, reports and presentations for your organization and showcasing your company to potential business partners, bankers, investors, suppliers and customers.
  • Carrying out valuations exercises either of your own company or of potential targets including specialized valuations like Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) Valuations and valuation of Intangibles.
  • Merger and acquisition transaction including identification of targets, pricing analysis, negotiations, compliance of legal formalities and formulation and signing of agreements and documents.
  • Taking important strategic and investment decision in a well thought out and structured fashion.
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